The First Joint Session for the year 2015 of the 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod and Sangguniang Barangay of Cogon was successfully conducted last Janaury 23, 2015 at the Barangay Hall of Cogon.
City Vice Mayor Jose Antonio S. Veloso led the 12th Sanggunian in digging deeper into the issues of the Barangay Cogon and devise ways on how they can help the barangay. Punong Barangay Nicanor Besas took the opportunity to relay all the pending concerns of the barangay that has been bugging them even during the previous administrations. .Six out of eight department heads/ representatives of the executive deparment led by City Administrator Edi Borja, which is so far the most number of department representatives that ever attended a joint session, were also present to share their point of view, plan the course of actions for the barangay and the city to help them in resolving the issues.
The joint session had to extended until the afternoon of January 23 because they were keen on finishing the discussion of the top 11 concerns and issues of the Cogon Barangay.
a. Issues regarding illegal reclamation in Pook Pantalan will be further discussed during the committee of the whole because of the complexity of reclamation issues and will need t touch base with the Philippine Reclamation Authority and DENR.
b. The SP recommended to create a joint resolution by the City and Barangay to seek the help of the City Mayor, regarding the stagnant water at the back of the City Fire Station.
c. The City Health also asked the SP to revise the existing ordinance regarding the backyard hog raising,to totally disallow backyard hog raising in the city in answer to the problem faced b the regarding the sanitation violation of backyard hog-raising
d. The Barangay was also able to get the legal advice of the City Legal Officer and the councilor-lawyers in the filing of an expropriation case for road right of way which are still in dispute. City Assessor was also there to explain how lands are assessed which will aid them in the expropriation case.
e. The City Engineering Office was able to inform the body regarding illegally constructed buildings along Pook Pantalam, possible drainage for Gasanai Area and the upgrading of the Lamdagan St.

f. Issues on the issuance of CTC were also adequately answered by the City Treasurer and further emphasized the importance of ensuring that issuance of CTC should be personal and should be based on the gross income.
g. Lastly, issues regarding implementation of curfew hours and the operation of internet cafés during class hours and after curfew hours will be personally acted upon by the City Administrator.


In order to help the City Mayor decide on which bank is most beneficial for the City Government in the long run, the 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod led by City Vice Mayor Jose Antonio S. Veloso invited representatives from the Development Bank of the Philippines and the Land Bank of the Philippines to elaborate further on their offers to finance the loan to be funded by the World Bank.
DBP representatives led by Atty. Marissa Anino, Branch Head and Mr. Fernando Laghit,VP DBP Regional Office ad LBP representatives led by Ms. Marliou Cardenas, Branch head and Mr. Cecilio Clarete, head of LBP Lending Center, joined the SP Committee of the Whole meeting last January 21, 2015 at the Jorge Lao Building Dampas.
Development Bank of the Philippines proposed their program Regional Infrastructure for Growth Project (RIGP) which is a post-disaster reconstruction facility (Infrastructure Projects) for Typhoon Yolanda and Bohol Earthquake affected areas. They have a financing mix 90% – National Government Grant and 10% – LGU Participation thru a Loan with the World Bank (DBP as Financial Intermediary) with an interest rate of 6.75% which is still negotiable and an availment date of until November 30, 2016. The amount of loan will be 10% of total project cost but not to exceed the LGU’s borrowing capacity indicated on the BLGF Certification with a repayment term of up to fifteen (15) years, inclusive of three (3-year) grace period on principal.
Land Bank of the Philippines, on the other hand, named their program as Support for Strategic Local Development & Investment Project (S2LDIP). The S2LDIP was restructured by the World Bank to cater to the reconstruction and rehabilitation of infrastructure projects of Local Government Units as well as Water Districts affected by Typhoon Yolanda and Bohol Earthquake. They also have a similar financing mix of 90% Government of the Philippine Grant and 10% Loan from S2LDIP funded by the World Bank. They have an interest rate of 7% – 9% per annum (fixed for the entire term) or the variable rate, which will be Cost of S2LDIP funds + minimum LBP spread of 1% subject to semi-annual or annual re-pricing and an implementation date of until April 30, 2016. The amount of loan will be based on the requirement of the project but should not exceed the Net Borrowing Capacity (For LGUs) and based on cash flow (For Water Districts) with a repayment term of maximum of 12 years inclusive of 2 years grace period on principal.
Clarification was also made by the DBP that they have no unliquidated matters with the World Bank and they are qualified as to finance the loan to be granted by the World Bank.
With the detailed explanation of both banking institutions, the 12th SP hopes that the City mayor will be guided in choosing what is the best option to help serve the Tagbilaranons. The manifestations of both banks will also help the Sangguniang Panlungsod in passing resolutions ratifying whichever contract the Mayor will decide to enter into.12sp with dbp and lbp


The 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod led by City Vice Mayor Jose Antonio S. Veloso, held its first session for the year 2015 yesterday at the Lao Building this City. The lawmakers tackled the damages in the city and other municipalities caused by the Typhoon Seniang, which hit the Visayas region just before year 2014 ended. The city was spared from major damages, but the municipality of Loboc suffered severe flood due to the rising of the Loboc river.  The councilors were quick to extend their help to our fellow Boholanos in Loboc and the newly seated councilor, Atty. Agustinus Gonzaga, proposed the first resolution for 2015 to authorize the Honorable City Mayor John Geesnell L. Yap II to extend financial assistance to the Municipality of Loboc amounting to 1 million pesos charged to the Calamity fund of the city. The resolution was unanimously approved by the whole Sangguniang Panlungsod.

On the other hand, Atty. Gonzaga expressed his objection to the approval of the proposed resolution 190-14 which authorizes the Honorable City Mayor to borrow funds, negotiate and enter into a loan agreement with Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP).  Atty. Gonzaga expressed qualms in making a hasty approval and wanted to further study the resolution and know the terms and condition of the loan agreement. Because of the objection expressed by Atty. Gonzaga, the council decided to divide the house for the approval of the resolution. In the end, those who were in favor of the said resolution won, leading to the approval of the said resolution.


12th SP with 7th Sangguniang Barangay of  Pob II

City Vice Mayor Jose Antonio S. Veloso introduced the newest members of the 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod, Hon. Dulce C. Glovasa, wife of the late councilor, Atty Oscar B. Glovasa, and Atty. Agustinus V. Gonzaga, replacing the seat of the late councilor, Atty. Alexander H. Lim, during the joint session of the Sangguniang Panlungsod and the Sangguniang Barangay of Poblacion II last Wednesday. This is the first regular session and first out-of-the-city hall session that the two new councilors had attended and will be their chance to witness first-hand the 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod in action. The joint session with Poblacion II emphasized the problems faced by their barangay. Discussions focused on the issues about local peace and order situation of Pob. II, the proliferation of vagrancy and rising number of out of school youth, the proprietary issue over the lot occupied by the current barangay hall, and the worsening traffic situation and congestion of vehicles and other inconsistencies in terms of traffic policy implementation in Barangay Poblacion II. Department heads of the Office of the Building Official, City Permit and Licensing and City Traffic were invited to answer possible queries of the members of both councils. During the session, it was found out that most of the issues require the action from the City Mayor for the implementation of previously passed ordinances. The body decided to refer the issues to the appropriate committees of the SP for further study and investigation in order to give the proper recommendation for action to the City Mayor.


During last week’s session, the 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod had the privilege to have the Head of the City Engineering’s Office, Engr. Piancita Castolo to discuss the recurring issues regarding BEA Funds of the Barangays, Pob I sinkhole, and the drainage systems of the different streets of Tagbilaran City. It can be recalled that in all the joint sessions of the Sangguniang Panlungsod and the barangays, issues regarding road projects and rehabilitation pojects usually come up. Unfortunately, Engr. Castolo had other pressing appointments during the previous sessions and was unable to grace the invitation of the Sangguniang Panlungsod. Engr. Castolo apologized for being unable to attend the previous sessions and made up for her absence by tackling the issues one by one and answering all the queries raised by the City Councilors.
Engr. Castolo clarified that all of the 26 Projects for Bohol Earthquake Assistance (BEA) projects had corrections, but 6 had been re-submitted and 4 were already issued Certificate of Availability of Funds. These 4 projects with CAF are Rehabilitation of Taloto Barangay Hall, San Isidro Baranagay Hall, Manga Barangay Health Center and San Isidor Barangay Health Center. The 2 re-submited projects, the rehabilitation of Cogon Market and IBT are being evaluated for final approval by the Provincial Project Monitoring Team. Engr. Castolo also added that the Rehabilitation of Tagbilaran City Hall is also under the PPMT for final approval.
As to the complaints of the barangays because of the lack of BEA funds or the lesser BEA funds for their barangays, Engr. Castolo explained that what is stated in the reports submitted to the Provincial governments was based on the evaluations conducted by the inspection team. The evaluation was based on the actual damage caused by the earthquake and it is possible that there might be other damages caused by the aftershocks or damages before the earthquake. The 12th SP accepted the explanation of Engr. Castolo and recommended that Engr. Castolo submit to the body a list of the evaluators and the barangays assigned to them, date and time of evaluation and the barangay officials present during evaluation and assessment of the evaluators.
For the Poblacion I sinkhole, Castolo already raised the issue to the City Mayor and suggested that an Engineering Geologist be consulted to assess because it concerns below the ground technicalities. Castolo added that the sinkhole is still under constant observation by the MGB because the ground is still moving. Vice Mayor Veloso proposed that the representatives of MGB should be invited in the next sessions to submit their suggestions or recommendations since it has been more than a year since they shared the last status of the sinkholes.
Lastly, Engr. Castolo and the 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod agreed that as for drainage problems of the City, since it concerns different roads, this will be referred to the appropriate SP committees for Environment, Engineering and Health so that thorough and further investigation and study can be conducted.

ALEXANDER HERRERA LIM (April 2, 1951- October 31, 2014)

(April 2, 1951- October 31, 2014)

There is no way of dismissing a real talent with a snap of a finger, when the public has given it its recognition; nor is there a means of muffling a voice when the clamor is for transparency. His is the wisdom of a Phoenix that resurrects itself from the ashes of prejudice.
Set-backs can befuddle the most adroit of men, but for a personality that has been purged through intense volcanic heat and the freezing iciness of human frailty, survival is a walk in the park. Even ill-health and venomous diatribes spewed by self-proclaimed critics could not deter him from his odyssey for a cause. If public service means dedicating oneself for the good of all, then he has found his calling as a maverick, a battering ram to buckle down edifices of sham and shamelessness.

Fondly called Aleckoy by his close friends and associates, he was born in Loay, Bohol on April 2, 1951 to parents Jose “Osoy” Lim and Lourdes Herrera. Both inculcated in the mind of the young boy the values of hard work and perseverance as instruments to reach one’s goals, in a value-system that is still his sworn mantra.

Atty. Alexander H. Lim is married to Veronica Elisa Anub-Trabajo, daughter of retired Provincial Fiscal Aureliano C. Trabajo and Eutiquia O. Anub, both of Carmen, Bohol. Mrs. Lim used to work with the First Consolidated Bank of Bohol, until she resigned to concentrate on her growing up children and family business.They are blessed with three children. Aleck Francis is a graduate of Master in Business Management at the University of Asia and the Pacific (June 10, 2000). He took up law at the College of Law, Ateneo de Manila University and passed the Bar in 2004. Alissa Ann is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Economics at the University of Asia and the Pacific (June 17, 2000). She also finished Law at the Ateneo de Manila University and passed the Bar in 2006. Alexis Franz finished his high school at Grace Christian School and finished an Entrepreneurial Management course at the Entrepreneur School of Asia (formerly Thames International) in Quezon City. With three lawyers and 2 business entrepreneurs in the family, Atty. and Mrs. Alexander Lim have done an extraordinary job. The apparent level-headedness of the siblings speaks well of the upbringing they got from their parents.

Atty. Lim finished his elementary and secondary education at the Divine Word College in 1963 and 1967 respectively. After graduation from high school, he opted for a new environment as a means for more personal development. He enrolled for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics at the University of Santo Tomas and finished the course handily in 1971. His main ambition was to become a lawyer. He was accepted at the premier law school at the country, the Ateneo de Manila University, and graduated in 1975. That same year he took and passed the Bar. Atty. Lim must have himself felt that he was accorded the best law training, for which reason his children followed his footsteps. The father, son and daughter are members of the Aquila Legis Fraternity, a great institution in jurisprudence.

From his grandfather, who was involved in copra, rice and corn milling business, he learned the value of industry family solidarity. This was also the same tenet he learned from his parents. Although most of his brothers and sisters are now based abroad, the ties are still there. Licinia Lim Coe is a Doctor of Medicine graduated at the UST with lucrative practice in USA, until a car accident in 1976. Clarencio Lim is a businessman-CPA who finished his Commerce degree from Divine Word College. Mario Warlito is a Chemical Engineering graduate at UST (now in San Francisco, California), was a computer analyst. Semi-retired, he is presently a consultant of different companies here and abroad after his retirement from ARAMCO. Evangeline Lim-Recio finished Banking and Finance, and is now working in a hospital in San Francisco. Caridad Lim-Betahar is a Medical Technologist from Centro Escolar University and is also now based in San Francisco. Linda Lim-Inting is a Nurse from Bohol Provincial Hospital School of Nursing. She also practices her profession in San Francisco. Lourdes Lim-Tabel finished Bachelor of Science in Nutrition at the college of the Holy Spirit, Manila and is also based in San Francisco, California.
That orientation he had from his elders about entrepreneurship has been his guide in toiling for betterment in life. Even during his childhood, he helped his grandfather by going to different towns on market days for rice and corn business. He also learned the value of frugality by saving his allowance, and started a poultry farm of his own when he was still in his teens. But his burning ambition had always been to be a good lawyer, so he practiced law with burning passion and has no fear in defending his clientele, he being dedicated to service, especially for the poor.
Undebatably, he was one of the best Lawyers in Bohol. As a lawyer, he served as Senior and Managing Partner of the Trabajo-Lim Law Office, a firm established in 1977 and recognized and accredited by the U.S. Embassy. He is also a Trustee of the Bohol Wisdom School, Board Member of the Aries Quality Services Incorporated, President of Vismin Realty, and a Legal Consultant to various Corporations.

Even in his busy schedule as a lawyer and public servant, it cannot still surpass his sincerity in preserving the sanctity of being a family man. Their bonding in the family is extremely down-to-earth and harmonious. As a husband, he keeps his responsibilities tight, as he maintains serenity in the family. He was a loving and responsible partner, and had always time for his wife. He was even present during the times when Elsie delivered their children, because he knew his importance on those momentous events. As a father, he is all-out for the welfare of his children, and yet, he never used his hands in reprimanding any of them whenever they have done wrong; he just vocally reproached them. Although he spared the rod, his children are not spoiled brats.

Atty. Alexander Lim had his taste as a Legislator during the incumbency of Governor Constantino Torralba. It was during this time that the public witnessed the performance of Provincial Board Member Lim in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan. He knew how to serve his constituents and his voice was resonant in the session hall.
He noticed in his younger days that there were only few scions of Filipino-Chinese descent who went into the law profession, as most preferred the more lucrative business world, a motivating factor why he had practiced law with zeal and took every client’s cause to heart. Nor did he keep distance from public issues which he now takes as a personal crusade no matter what the costs.

In the May 2013 election, Atty. Lim was encouraged to run as Councilor of Tagbilaran City. He took it as an opportunity to be more of service to the public, now that his three children are well-off on their own. His winning was expected; but his performance at the Sangguniang Panlungsod was not. At an age when most take as days of ease and comfort after several achievements, Aleckoy Lim was an epitome of rekindled vigor, more potent in his crusade for good governance.
He usually dominated most sessions, in an august hall where only a few voices are heard. He may have partially lost that steely resonance of CPG, but his zeal and passion still shine through the lines he essays. He has not lost the maverick torch of a Lawmaker in his crusade for reforms.
In the last session he attended, he never showed any signs of weakness, in fact, he still delivered a brave speech voicing out his opinions and his strong beliefs. Many were curious why he was absent in the next sessions. Many more were surprised that he had been admitted to the hospital this October for a triple coronary artery bypass surgery. Like the fighter that he was, he survived the procedure, but only to find out that his colons were infected by cancer. All those times that he was in the hospital, he still gave updates on his status to his close friends and never wanted them to have any cause for worry. His family was always there with him and were witnesses to the bravery of Sir Aleckoy even as he struggled for his life. He finally succumbed into the hands of the Lord last October 31, 2014.
There will be no more Sir Aleckoy who will bravely voice out his opinions and fight for what is right and just but…
He will forever be remembered by the people for his strong personality, his fighting spirit and for his strong principles.
He will always be remembered by his colleagues for his dedication to work and his no nonsense attitude.
His friends will miss him for his sound advices and the true and long-lasting friendship he shared with them.
And his family will never forget the love that he showered them, but the memories will always stay and he will always forever live in their hearts.


In their drive to investigate the relatively high retail prices of pork, chicken and other meat products in the City compared to the other cities in the region, the 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod Council invited DTI Trade and Development Division Chief Mr. Jose Hibaya and Dr. Victoria Limbaga of the City Veterinary Office to shed the possible reason for the high prices.
SP officials are concerned that if the prices will not be remedied, the Tagbilaran consumers will surely deal with another set of price increase for pork, chicken and other meat products as the Christmas season approaches when demand for such products also increase.
Mr. Hibaya of DTI clarified that their main task is to analyze the data provided by the different government offices and report their evaluations and assessments to the Provincial Price Coordinating Council. In the provincial or city level, the different government offices are the rightful concern agencies who should conduct the monitoring and submit the data to DTI for assessment. Mr. Hibaya opened to the council that the last data for the selling prices of chicken and pork that they collected was only last 2008 and they have not received any recent data that they could use for their analysis.
In the City, it is the Department of the Agriculture, specifically the Office of the City Veterinarian headed by Dr. Liimbaga who is tasked to monitor the prices of the pork and chicken. Dr. Limbaga said that they have already collected data, but there has been a delay in the submission to the DTI office because it was initially submitted to the City Planning Office. Dr. Limbaga also laments that their office lack the computer to collect and submit data.


“Maintain what is right and do what is just (Is. 56:1).

Hon. Oscar B. Glovasa was a man of exemplary character. He was a loving husband to his wife, a beloved patriarch to his sons and grandchildren, a well-respected teacher, and a principled lawyer/ legislator who lived up to his motto to maintain what is right and do what is just.
He was a man who struggled to make his dreams a reality, but he never forgot where he came from. A man who values honest hardwork more than prestige and a man who believes in prayer more than luck.
Tatay Oscar, as he was fondly called by the Sangguniang Panlungsod employees, was born in Bitaugan, Antequera, Bohol on January 8, 1944. He is the seventh child of 11 siblings. He has 4 sisters and 6 brothers. His sisters, Dominga G. Echavia, Celedonia G. Salvani (+), Regina G. Brunidor, and Nenita G. Batuhinay are all retired public school teachers. Among his brothers, Amadeo decided to follow the profession of their father as a blacksmith. Francisco is a Geodetic Engineer having a private practice. Jaime is a retired Provincial Government employee. Arturo retired as a Civil Aeronautics Administration employee. Gil is a Civil Engineer connected with the City Engineer’s Office. The youngest, Raul, finished BSMT and is a businessman. His parents are Lope Porlares Glovasa of Antequera and Sabina Busano Butron of Pamacsalan, Pilar. His parents decided to establish their shop in their home in Cogon District, Tagbilaran City in 1946.
He was married to Dulce Chatto-Glovasa of Balilihan, a daughter of former Governor Lino Chatto. A Bachelor of Science in Home Economics graduate of Centro Escolar University and BS-Commerce at Divine Word College, she is a retired PNB employee and a former Executive Assistant to the Provincial Governor.
Oscar and Dulce are blessed with five sons. Philip Martin, who worked as a Law Clerk, is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation. Oscar II finished AB, major in Political Science and was a former Legislative Staff Assistant at Tagbilaran City Sangguniang Panlungsod. Both co-manage Glovasa Purified Water. His third son, Oliver, is also an AB-Political Science and a Law graduate. He is an Officer II of COMELEC assigned in the Municipality of Clarin. Odysseus took up Hotel and Restaurant Management, and is the incumbent Barangay Captain of Poblacion III. The youngest, Lope Lino finished Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and is now in Canada with his family.
In one of his interviews with Mr. Loy Palapos, he shared, “I worked very hard and ‘burning’ as a blacksmith in my father’s shop when I was 12 years old, until I graduated the Law course. Early in the morning each school day, and with the help of a brother, we made at least 4 bolos out of a leaf spring from motor vehicles before going to school, aside from feeding the pigs. Weekends were not for basketball or games, but for improving our skills in the shop”.
Atty. Oscar B. Glovasa, a Boholano Bar Topnotcher, worked his way from elementary school to college, unmindful of the travails, and making every laborious day a step up the ladder of success. Like many other Boholanos in remote municipalities, his parents did not even finish high school. His father was only up to second year, and his mother the primary grades. But their consuming ambition was for their children to be adequately educated, for “it was their only gift to us that no one could take away, since they have no material wealth to be inherited by us”.
The young Oscar and his sibling reciprocated their parents’ ambition by striving harder to finish their education. In fact, as early as 5 years old, Oscar had enrolled in first grade at the Cogon primary School. He finished elementary studies when he was 11 and at age 15 he graduated from the Bohol National High School. He obtained his degree in Bachelor of Science in Education at Rafael Palma College when he was 20. In 1968, at the age of 24, he finished his Bachelor of Law degree at Divine Word College as Magna Cum Laude.
He passed the 1965 Civil Service Secondary Teachers Test, and the UP Public Administration Test in 1975. He stunned the whole country, when he was hailed as the first among the 347 who passed the bar. He was not only the first Boholano to top the exam, but also the first Law graduate outside Metro Manila law schools to be Number One.
His achievements did not end there, rather it was just the beginning of his outstanding career. Right after he passed the Bar Exam, he continued to serve as a teacher, as a lawyer and until his demise in the early morning of Ocotber 25, 2014, he continued to serve the public as an honored councilor of the 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod.
His 9-year law making responsibility at the Tagbilaran City Sangguniang Panlungsod were fruitful years, for the City He loves. Even when he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, he still ran as city councilor and even garnered the second highest number of votes last 2013 elections. His devotion for a good cause and his commitment to serve the citizens of Tagbilaran never faltered. He was a manifestation of the spirit stronger than the flesh for his spirit was indeed what drove him to continue serving the public and share his capabilities in the law-making process. It is in sharing his knowledge and expertise that he finds fulfilment in life…

To our Tatay Oscar,
Though your smile is gone forever,
And your hand we cannot touch
Still we have so many memories
Of the one we loved so much.
Your memory is our keepsake
With which we will never part
God has you in his keeping
We have you in our hearts.
It is sad to walk the road alone,
Instead of side by side.
But to all there comes a moment
When the ways of life divide.
You gave us years of happiness
Then came sorrow and tears,
But you left us beautiful memories,
We will treasure through the years.
—From your SP Family—

Note: Some Excerpts were taken from Bohol’s Choice Cuts by Loy M. Palapos December 9, 2012. http://www.loypalapos.com/boholschoicecuts


Brgy. Tiptip
The Sangguniang Barangay of Ttptip sought help for the road maintenance of Barangay Tiptip from the 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod of the City of Tagbilaran during the SP’s 4th Out-of City Hall Session. This is the first joint session of the 12th SP with the Brgy Tiptip under the leadership of City Vice Mayor Jose Antonio S. Veloso. During the session, Tiptip Punong Barangay Hon. Antonio Restauro could not help but express his dismay over the seemingly lack of priority of the City Engineering’s office for the maintenance of the roads of Barangay Tiptip. He also pointed out that there was no proper evaluation on the damages of their Barangay Hall and Multi-Purpose Halls by the City and could not understand how the 114M financial assistance from the national government was allocated to the 15 barangays.
The statement of the Punong Barangay was a major eye opener to the SP officials and proceeded to take immediate action and will perform an investigation how the evaluation of the other barangays were conducted and how the 114M will be allocated.
The 12th SP assured the Barangay Council of Tiptip that their issues on road maintenance shall be referred to Committee on Engineering headed by Hon. Edgar Bompat, who will coordinate with the City Engineering Office. Vice Mayor Veloso said that in addition to close coordination with the City Engineering Office, the SP would also discuss the appropriation for the Road Maintenance during the Budget Deliberation for the Proposed 2015 Budget deliberation.

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Family Day 2014
City Hall employees celebrated their annual Family Day last Friday October 10, 2014 at the Dumaluan Beach Resort. No amount of rain nor strong wind on the onset of the celebration can stop the City Hall Family from celebrating another year of togetherness in the name of service for the Tagbilaranons. The sunny smiles of the City Hall employees coaxed the sun to come out behind the clouds and the sun drove out the rain for the rest of the afternoon.
City Vice Mayor Jose Antonio Veloso rendered his welcome speech to greet all those who joined the event and emphasized that much more than the awarding of employees for their outstanding service and the showcase of talents, the City Hall Family celebrates the annual Family Day because of the unity of all employees and City Officials in their unwavering service to the Tagbilaranons. He further stressed the importance of being one and united family to overcome whatever trials and challenges that we might face.
After Vice Mayor Toto’s heartwarming message, the lady of Ceremony,famous disc jockey Inday Ruffing and her co-host, City Administrator, Hon. Edi Borja, called to the stage, Mayor John Geesnell “Baba” Yap. The young mayor, with his wife, former SK president, Jane Cajes-Yap, thanked everyone for coming and lauded Vice Mayor Toto, the 12th SP councilors, deputy Mayor Mariano Uy, and all the department heads for their active participation in the development of Tagbilaran City. Mayor Baba also thanked The City Hall performing Arts who rendered a dance number greeting the mayor an advance happy birthday (Mayor Baba Yap will be celebrating his 37th birthday on Ocotber 16).
After the speeches and the acknowledging of the different departments, a simple lunch followed. No Family Day would not be complete without food and merry making. The partaking and sharing of food gathered all the employees and the simple lunch was likened to a fiesta.
The highlight of the Day was the showcase of talents, where the SP family performed a dance number. Vice Mayor Toto and councilors Adam Jala, Jojo Bompat, Beben Inting, Jerry Pabe and Betty Torralba, swayed and danced to the beat of the music, much to the delight of their audience. They did not mind that their performance did not win the prize with the top performances going to the City Engineering Office’s song number, the Mayor’s office dance number and third place went to General Service Office’s rap song.
It was a day well-spent with family where games, talents and food abound. A day to take a rest from our busy work schedules and a day to renew our vigor and zest in doing our work.
It was indeed day of fun and a day of being one.

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