City officials are in dire effort to meet the burgeoning demands for electricity and water in the City.  The super typhoon Yolanda had left in its wake massive destruction in several provinces especially in the Visayas region. This has left the entire province in the dark and in great need of electricity and water. With the entire province in need, the City officials are exerting extra effort  to ensure its residents could at least have a steady supply of water and have electricity on certain hours of the day

Free water supply is being offered in the City Hall grounds near the City Waterworks. Business establishments have also extended help by providing water to different barangays which could not be reached by the local water supplier.

Despite all this, demand for potable water is still high and the clamor for electricity is incessant. A recent post from Bohol Light Company Inc. has raised hopes of the many regarding the rationing of electric supply in the City. However, contrary to what has been posted, the rationing did not materialize. Spokesperson from BLCI had explained that said rationing will only be possible if the four generators are functioning. As of press time, only 1 generator set is currently working and generating a meager 2 megawatts power. This meager supply of electricity is being supplied to areas where the pumping stations are located.  There are fifteen pumping stations in Tagbilaran City alone and the lone generator set cannot supply power to all of these pumping stations at the same time for fear it might be overworked and lead to its collapse. BLCI contacted mechanic from their sister plant in Naga to help expedite the ongoing repairs of their three other generator sets so that sufficient electricity can be supplied to all pumping stations and at the same time the proposed rationing of electric supply can already materialize.

In response to the demand, 2 generator sets are expected to arrive this month and this will be utilized for the Corella pumping station. There are six more generator sets bought so that all pumping stations can be supplied with electricity.

The Provincial Government’s initial plan to buy a power barge in Iloilo was thwarted because experts say transporting a power barge from one island to another entails huge expenses. Expenses the province could ill-afford because its topmost priority is to help rehabilitate the towns hugely damaged by the quake.

Another alternative is for province to buy power from the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP). Power from NGCP is P12 per kilowatt hour while the power from Leyte is only P4 per kilowatt hour. Officials are suggesting that the National Government shoulder the P8 difference and charged to the calamity fund of the national budget. However, negotiations are still ongoing.

As of this time, everyone is encouraged to be more patient and not lose hope and trust that the city government is doing its best to meet their needs.

117th Birth Anniversary of Bohol’s Most Illustrious Son



Carlos Polestico-Garcia, a teacher, poet, orator, lawyer, public official, political economist, and guerilla leader, was born on November 4, 1896. He became the first Boholano who became President of the Philippines.
Garcia was born in Talibon, Bohol to Policronio Garcia and Ambrosio Polistico. Garcia has been drawn to politics ever since his father served as a municipal mayor for four terms. He attained his primary education in his native Talibon, then took his secondary education in Cebu Provincial High School. He initially pursued his college education at Silliman University in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, and later studied at the Philippine Law School (now Philippine College of Criminology) where he earned his law degree in 1923. He eventually took the bar and was among its top ten.
He married Leonila Dimataga in 1924 and they had a daughter namely Linda Garcia-Campos.
President García exercised the Filipino First Policy, for which he was known. This policy heavily favored Filipino businessmen over foreign investors. He was also responsible for changes in retail trade which greatly affected the Chinese businessmen in the country. President García initiated what has been called “The Austerity Program”. García’s administration was characterized by its austerity program and its insistence on a comprehensive nationalist policy.
In commemoration of President Carlos P. Garcia’s birthday, provincial officials led the ceremony held at the CPG Park Complex, Tagbilaran City last November 4, 2013.
The Program started with the Foyer Honors and a wreath-laying ceremony before the CPG monument at the Capitol Site. Welcoming messages were delivered by Tagbilaran City Mayor John Geesnell L. Yap and Provincial Vice-Governor Concepcion O. Lim, MD. Hon. Cesar Tomas M. Lopez, Chairman, SP Committee on Education recognized the President CPG Scholars.
During the ceremony, donors for the Bohol Relief Operations were also acknowledged. The Local Government of Pangasinan donated two million pesos despite being ravaged themselves by the recent typhoon Santi. The Mactan Airport Development Authority donated one million pesos. The Kaliwat Bol-anon sa Mindanao also made an additional donation for the Relief Operations.
The overwhelming support of the National Government and the outpouring generosity of the donors were greatly appreciated by Governor Edgardo M. Chatto who expressed his profound gratitude. Gov. Chatto also emphasized the Boholano spirit’s passion and optimism despite the tragedy that has befallen the province.
Truly, the commemoration of Bohol’s Illustrious Son is the most apt occasion to recognize the true Boholano spirit.