True to its advocacy and promise to promote justice,  the 12TH Sangguniang Panlungsod passed Resolution 123-14 in its regular session earlier today.

The resolution calls for President Benigno Aquino III for the appointment of six (6) Associate City Prosecutors of the City of Tagbilaran. These positions have been vacant for some time leaving the Office of the City Prosecutor with only four (4) Prosecutors including City Prosecutor Romeo M. Chatto. With the apparent lack of prosecutors, the four prosecutors are left with no choice but to juggle with the mountains of cases piled in their office. Understandably, this leads to failure of the City Prosecution service to immediately act on cases filed by the public in the various City Courts and the Regional Trial Courts (RTC).

There are already applicants for the said six (6) positions and that all their pertinent papers have been duly submitted and endorsed by DOJ Sec. of Leila M. De Lima, for the review, approval and appointment of Pres. Aquino. The appointment of the six associate prosecutors will be fundamental in the de-clogging of the cases that has already piled up in the courts and will hasten the serving of justice.


During its regular session today, the  Sangguniang Panlungsod passed RESOLUTION NO. 122 – 14. A resolution expressing congratulations and best wishes to the Iglesia ni Cristo on the occasion of its 100th founding anniversary on July 27, 2014.

The Iglesia ni Cristo was founded by the late Executive Minister Felix Y. Manalo at Barrio Tipas, Municipality of Taguig, Province of Rizal on July 27, 1914.

After 100 years of its existence, the Iglesia ni Cristo is undeniably one of the fastest growing churches in the world where magnificent worship buildings can be found and the latest of which is the monumental Philippine Arenastructure built in time for the celebration of their centennial anniversary.

Throughout the years, the Iglesia ni Cristo has greatly supported the City of Tagbilaran and the entire Province of Bohol as well as its various municipalities by means of its extensive civic-oriented activities and other meaningful socio-economic projects.

It is in this light that the Sangguniang Panlungsod of Tagbilaran would like to express its deep admiration that the Iglesia ni Cristo, under the able leadership of Bro. EDUARDO“Ka Eduardo”V. MANALO, continues to lead spiritual upliftment of its members. With their upcoming Centennial Anniversary celebration this July 27, 2014, the entire officialdom of the City of Tagbilaran wishes the Iglesia ni Cristo to gain more numerical strength and recognition.


Ordinance no. 05-14 entitled, “An Ordinance Prohibiting Motorists to Use Any Material that Conceals Identity in Public Places within the City of Tagbilaran”, is finally approved on its third and final reading after passing the careful scrutiny of the 12Th Sangguniang Panlungsod.

The ordinance sponsored by Hon.Jerry Pabe was subjected to several amendments for fear that it may be ultra vires with the existing Helmet Law or Republic Act No. 10054 “Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009.” The ordinance is in response to the alarmed Boholano community regarding the rise of shooting incidents involving riding in tandem wearing either bonnets, cloth around their face or full-face helmets concealing the identities of the riders which makes criminal investigations difficult.

One of the highlights in the ordinance is Section 3. Prohibited Acts which provides,

SECTION 3. PROHIBITED ACTS. No motorist shall use any material that covers the face or in any way conceals intentionally his/her identity within the City of Tagbilaran, such as but not limited to the following:

(a) wearing bonnet that covers the face;

(b) wearing the hood of a garment that covers a considerable portion of an individual’s face;

(c)  wearing of full face helmets or helmets with tinted visors that  conceals the identity of a motorist;

(d) wearing of cloth or any other material around the face or wrapping          the entire head with a cloth.”


The City shall conduct massive information, education and communication campaigns using quad media (print, radio, television and internet) upon approval of this Ordinance for the information and guidance of the Tagbilaranons.

The lead agencies for the effective implementation of this ordinance shall be the City Traffic Management Office (CTMO) and the City PNP and they shall maintain a database for reference and monitoring purposes. Both implementing agencies are authorized to flag down any violators of this ordinance and shall require the violators to present the proper identification.


In today’s regular session, the 12th Sangguniang Palungsod has invited City Engineer Engr. Pianicita Castolo and Engr. Teodoro Estoque to give updates and shed light regarding the rehabilitation of the City Hall.

Engr. Estoque as Chairman of the Technical Committee for the Rehabilitaion of the City Hall, reported to the august body that as of this moment, the Phase I rehabilitation of the City Hall is already 25% complete.  Target date of completion is four months and is slated that on September 21, it will be completed.  Phase I rehabilitation includes re-roofing, fence enclosure and demolition works. Phase I is funded by the 4M savings by the City.

The Technical Committee has also started planning for Phase 2 of the City Hall Rehabilitation. Phase 2 will be funded by the financial assistance from the national government’s rehabilitation fund.

Phase 2 shall include the exterior demolition (cracked walls), interior demolition,ground floor repair, tile works, ceiling, main entrance,  glass works, revamp plumbing works,  installation of parapet walls, installation of new planning fixtures such as elevators, electrical and lighting fixtures, ramp, exterior and interior railings, fire exit structures, site development plan including the landscaping.


The resolution no. 108-14 adopting resolution no. 02-14 series of 2014 of the City Development Council  Executive Committee has been approved by the 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod at its first regular session in the month of July.

The resolution seeks for the approval of  the 2014 2nd Supplemental  Investment Plan (SIP 2) of the City of Tagbilaran amounting to  one hundred forty seven million seven hundred fifty five thousand and eighty seven pesos (Php 147,755,087.00)

The SIP includes 116.6 million financial grants from the National Government from the Office of the President coursed to the Provincial Government of Bohol to be included in the investment plan so it can be included in our 2014 budget. The budget office cannot  appropriate the financial assistance  if it is not included in the SIP.

Also included in the 147 million are the investment plan in the Disaster Risk Reduction Management Fund amounting to 7.6 million for tools and equipment procurement, 7.5 million for improvement for drainage system,  4 million from general fund, and the rest of the for the repairs for the Fire Station, Senior Citizen building,Health Center, and Barangay Halls of Ubujan, Manga and San Isidro.


The august body of the Sangguniang Panglungsod, in its first regular session for the month of July,  approves resolution No. 105-14  which strongly supports and endorses to regional director Ador G. Canlas, CESO I DPWH, Region VII for the inclusion of road improvements in the by-pass road development project of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

The passage of such as resolution is in consonance with the vision of the YAP-VELOSO administration to embark on improving the infrastructure programs/plans and projects in the City of Tagbilaran.

The city government has aligned on top of its priorities for its infrastructure projects the road in front of the Tagbilaran City Central Public market (both left and right lanes) leading to the by-pass road and the entrance and exit road at the back portion of the Integrated Bus Terminal (IBT).

The total project would cost approximately 19.9 million. With 11.2 million estimated cost for road in front of the Central public market’s estimated length/distance of 231 meters and width of 12 meters each lane and 8.7 million for the Integrated Bus Terminal (IBT) road with an estimated length/distance of 281 meters and width of 15 meters.


July is a much-awaited  month for Boholanos. Thousand of foreign and local tourist flock the province for its month-long celebration of the Sandugo festival. Sandugo is  Bohol’s annual commemoration of the Blood compact between  Spanish explorer Miguel López de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna the chieftain of Bohol on March 16, 1565, to seal their friendship as part of the tribal tradition. This is considered as the first treaty of friendship between the Spaniards and Filipinos. “Sandugo” is a Visayan word which means “one blood”.

The Bohol Provincial Tourism Council, Inc., is spearheading the  celebration of the Bohol Sandugo Festival 2014 with the aim in view of promoting Bohol as a prime eco-cultural destination and spread awareness and appreciation of the historical importance of Sandugo.

The City has expressed all-out support for the Bohol Sandugo Festival by providing financial assistance amounting to five hundred thousand pesos (Php 500,000.00) to the Bohol Provincial Tourism Council, Inc. to help promote the tourism of the province through the Bohol Sandugo Street Dancing Competition 2014, Search for Miss Bohol 2014, Marketing and Promotion and other contingencies.

The 12th Sangguniang Panglungsod approved Resolution No. 111-14 – Authorizing the Hon. City Mayor John Geesnell L. Yap II to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Bohol Provincial Tourism Council Inc., in connection with city’s financial assistance in the amount of Php500,000.00 for the 2014 Bohol Sandugo Celebration, in its first regular session forJuly.

Aside from the Sandugo street dancing & Miss Bohol pageant, agri-trade fairs, art and cultural exhibits and performances are also to watch-out for in the month long nightly activities. This will not only boost tourism, but an opportunity to showcase the showcase the local creativity and ingenuity of the Boholanos and making the festival a venue of cultural expression of the province.


Good news for our elderly citizens. The 12th Sanggunian Panlungsod has approved resolution 104-14 which was included in the special order of the day in the first regular session for July. The resolution, which authorizes Hon. John Geesnell L. Yap II, City Mayor of Tagbilaran City to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), represented by Mercedita P. Jabagat, Regional Director DSWD, Region VII, regarding the Social Pension Program for indigent senior citizen in the City of Tagbilaran.

 Republic Act No. 9994 or Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010 which provides additional benefits and privileges to senior citizen and maximize their participation in nation building institutionalized social protection by providing monthly  stipend to indigent senior citizens as support the family to provide care for the sick and the disabled senior citizen.

 The Social Pension Program for indigent senior citizen is in provision of monthly pension for qualified indigent senior citizen in the amount of five hundred pesos (Php500.00)  as government assistance to augment the daily subsistence and other medical needs of senior citizens.

 The Social pension program is in fulfilment of the obligation of the government to protect the most vulnerable sector of our society. The program shall be coursed through the local government unit. The guidelines for the implementation of the project, including the database of the qualified indigent senior citizen shall be provided for in the MOA that will be signed by the Mayor  Baba Yap and DWSD Regional Director Merecedita P. Jabagat.

PMFAR for FY 2010- 2012 APPROVED

Resolution 109-14- approving for the the Public Financial Management Assessment Report (PFMAR) for the Fiscal Year 2010-2012 which highlights the approximately 94 million peso – aggregate savings of City of Tagbilaran for the past 3 years  was approved during the July 8 regular session of the 12th Sanggunian Panlungsod.

The Public Financial Management Assessment Report (PFMAR) is a requirement under the DBM – DILG- DSWD – NAPC Joint Circular No. 1 and is essential to establish a baseline information on the state of its Public Financial Management and can be used as a tool to improve the efficiency  of the Local Government to respond to the needs of the population

The submission of the duly approved Public Financial Management Assessment Report (PFMAR) FY 2010 -2012 is a prerequisite before the city  could implement the 2013 and 2014 Grassroots Participatory Budgeting (GBP) process formerly called Bottom-up Budgeting Projects

The Highlights of the report include City’s income for 2010 amounting to  403 million pesos, for 2011 amounting to 429 million pesos 2012 – 418 million pesos and the City’s expenditures amounting to  369 million pesos in 2010, 391 million pesos in 2011 and 390 million pesos in 2012.

For 3 years,  the LGU has an aggregate savings of 94 million,however  this includes continuing appropriations for projects that were not implemented in the previous years.  



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July 1 marks Tagbilaran City’s 48th Charter Day. On this day, the Tagbilaranons commemorate the day when Tagbilaran became a chartered city on July 1, 1966 by virtue of Republic Act 4660. This day also marks the first anniversary of the new leadership of the Yap-Veloso tandem and will be the best opportunity to look back and reflect on the performances of the City’s leaders when they took over the reins of government.

The Charter day celebration started with a solemn mass officiated by the Most Reverend Bishop Leonardo Medroso at the Cogon Shrine Parish. The crowd proceeded to the Bohol Cultural Center, where Mayor Baba Yap and Vice Mayor Toto Veloso led the celebration of the Charter Day.
The words of welcome delivered by Vice Mayor Toto Veloso emphasized the teamwork of the new administration and highlighted the outstanding men and women, which serve as inspiration in achieving our city’s vision in attaining a highly liveable city.
Both First district representative Hon . Rene Lopez Relampagos and the Provincial Governor Hon. Edgar M. Chatto lauded the commendable performance of the city’s leaders as evidenced by the high ratings it achieved in the recent 2014 HNU Polls and as shown by the increase in the collection of our city’s coffers. Both Relampagos and Chatto also assured the City that the First District and the provincial government shall be allies and will be friends of the City government and have further promised to support the City’s endeavors for progress and development.
It was a well-attended event and a number of bigwigs and well-known faces of the City were present to celebrate the Charter day. But the stars of that day are the Outstanding Citizen’s Awardees who were recognized for their invaluable service and outstanding performances and have hugely contributed to the success and the development of the City of Tagbilaran.
The celebration was capped off by the State of the City Address (SOCA) by the City Mayor Hon. John Geesnell L. Yap II wherein he enumerated his accomplishments after a year of service in the City of Tagbilaran. He promised to continue serving with sincerity, integrity and transparency and to make true the saying “Walang-iwanan dito sa Tagbilaran.”