The 7th Sangguniang Barangay of Bool of the City of Tagbilaran, led by Punong Barangay Nestor Mendez ushered the concerns and issues of their barangay to the august body of the 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod headed by City Vice Mayor Jose Antonio S. Veloso during their joint session held at the Barangay Hall of Bool last February 20, 2015.
The concerns and issues presented by Punong Barangay Mendez, were addressed one by one by the legislative body of the City. The City Councilors duly assisted the barangay officials of Bool and presented step by step instructions and guidance to expedite the resolution of the problems of their barangay.
Among the concerns and issues raised during the joint session were:
1. Explanation on the actual and exact share of allotment receivable by each of the fifteen (15) barangays of the City of Tagbilaran from the 20% City Development Fund (CDF).
2. Updates on the proposed construction of a boardwalk in the Mangrove Range located along the Coast of Barangay Bool
3. Improvement of Road going to Banat-I Hill as part of the Road Development Program
4. Information updates regarding any action, such as damage or reparatory claims , rehabilitation plan or even compromise settlement in connection to the considerable damage of the already threatened resources of the Bool Marine Sanctuary caused by the ramming of a cargo vessel/barge last November 8, 2014 at the height of Typhoon Yolanda
VM Toto Veloso expressed his gratitude to the members of the Sangguniang Barangay of Bool for hosting and organizing the joint session. The 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod members passed a resolution expressing their appreciation to the 7th Sangguniang Barangay of Bool for the successful joint session held at Barangay Bool.


with tricycle associations

A special session was conducted today by the 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod to make further investigation of the complaints by the riding public that the P7 minimum fare rate is not followed by the tricycle drivers. It has been recalled that last January 23, 2015, City Vice Mayor Jose Antonio S. Veloso signed Resolution 15-07 which will result to a minimum fare rate of P7.00. The resolution is sponsored by Hon. Jeremias C. Pabe, Chairperson – Committee on Public Utilities in response to the clamor for reduced tricycle fare in lieu of the successive weekly price rollback. However, just recently reports reach the 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod that there are tricycle drivers that refuse to accept the P7-fare of its passengers prompting the 12th SP to conduct an investigation on the matter.
Tricycle associations ICMTODA, GTAODAI, TP-TODA-PORT, HTPTODA AND PM-TODA were present during the special session to answer the queries of the law-making body of the city. It was surmised that there was no proper implementation of the said resolution and that there is not enough information dissemination, leaving most tricycle drivers and even the riding public unaware of the passage of such resolution. It was also found out that tricycle organizations implement the P7 minimum fare rate and make it a point to inform their members. Only those tricycle drivers/operators who are non-members of any organization fail to follow the P7 minimum fare rate.
Hon. Butchie Zamora also pointed out that out of 3,000 tricycle drivers/operators, only 300+ are members of the organization when in fact Ordinance No. C-189 provides that all tricycle drivers/operators should be members of organizations. Hon. Zamora added that tricycle organizations are helpful in the monitoring and disciplining of their members.
SP04 Quinciano Lopena of the City Traffic suggested that prior to the releasing of permits of the tricycle drivers/operators, the City Permits and Licensing Division should check whether said tricycle driver/operator are members of any organization. With regards to the issue of the lack of information, one tricycle operator/driver suggested that a public hearing be conducted in order to let the 3,000 tricycle drivers/operators know about the P7 minimum fare rate. Hon. Gonzaga also suggested that a simple signage indicating the minimum fare of P7 and the resolution number be placed on the windshields of the tricycles-for-hire. All the suggestions were positively taken by the Hon. Pabe, Chair of the Public Utilities Committee and shall be acted upon at the soonest possible time.


It is an honor of the City to have our Provincial Coordinator of Let’s Do it Philippines, Kagawad Clement Lofranco Ingking of Barangay Booy, to be one of the 6 selected Philippine delegates to join the Clean World Conference 2015 in Riga, Latvia, Western Europe.
During the First regular session of the 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod, Hon. Lucille Lagunay invited Kag. Ingking to elaborate more about the Let’s Do it Philippines. Let’s Do It Philippines is a civic-led mass movement with a zero-budget campaign aiming to get 5 million clean-up volunteers for the simultaneous cleaning up of the whole country. For this year, the Let’s Do It Philippines Clean-Up is scheduled on September 20, 2015 a day after the International Coastal Clean-Up day.
Kag. Ingking’s participation in the Clean World Conference 2015, being one of the environmental leaders of the country will enable him to share, inspire and network with worldwide leaders to help solve Solid Waste problems.
Hon. Vice Mayor Jose Antonio S. Veloso believes that Kag.Inking’s learnings during the Clean World Conference will make him a valuable resource in crafting legislative measures for Environmental protection.


feb 6 2015 session with margate and roxaThe Proposed Resolution 14-15 entitled “A Resolution Adopting the Final List Of Anti-Poverty Reduction Projects For Bottom-Up Budgeting Process (Bub) For Fiscal Year 2016 Approved By the Local Poverty Reduction Action Team (LPRAT) On February 4, 2015” which sponsored by Hon. Bebiano M. Inting was approved by the 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod headed by City Vice Mayor Jose Antonio S. Veloso during their regular session last February 6, 2014.
A total of P15 million was allotted for these 8 Anti-Poverty Reduction Projects in 2016 which is in response to the National Government’s goal towards the realization of the Social Contract with the Filipino people by improving the overall quality of life of the Filipino and translating the gains on good governance into direct, substantial benefits that will empower the poor and marginalized segments of the society. Projects include backyard farming, food production,provision of seedlings, skills training and other livelihood projects. Beneficiaries for these projects will be different from the beneficiaries of the 2015 projects. Engr. Stella Margate, Head of the City Planning and Development and Mr. Mardonio Roxas, head of DILG(City), were present during the session to give more details regarding the proposed resolution.
These projects were identified by the Local Poverty Reduction Action Team (LPRAT)chaired by the Local Chief Executive and composed of the Chairperson of the Sangguniang Panlungsod Appropriations Committee, the Planning Officer, Agriculture Officer, Social Welfare and Development Officer, Budget Officer, Liga ng mga Barangay, Local Government Operations Officer, DSWD Municipal Links, a Pantawid Pamilya Parent-Leader, a Community Health Team Leader, LGU accredited CSOs, NGA accredited/recognized CSOs, NAPC identified basic sector representatives and a private sector representative.


City Vice Mayor Jose Antonio S. Veloso presided the first special session of the 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod of the City of Tagbilaran for the year today, February 3.
The Special session focused mainly on the Proposed ordinance No. 23-14 by Hon. Adam Jala which is entitled, “Amending Chapter III (Legislative Development), Articles A (Legislative Management), B (Sanggunian Rules and Procedures), and C (Rules and Procedures in Administrative Investigations), Sections 46-104 of the 2007 Revised Code of Administrative Ordinances of the City of Tagbilaran.
The Rules were discussed section by section to check if there are provisions which are no longer relevant and to check if the proposed amendments are consistent with existing laws.
Most of the amendments were inclusions of provisions in the Republic Act No. 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991. However, there were amendments introduced by the Hon. Adam Jala which elicited different opinions from other councillors and were marked for further study and will be discussed at another meeting.
Gray areas which are already marked for further discussion included the amendments regarding the Oversight Function of the Sanggunian, Abolition of the Minority and Majority Floor Leader and shall be replaced by a Floor Leader only, Appointing of a Sergeant at Arms, Power of the Vice Mayor to hire and appoint researchers and consultants, and the restructuring of the Standing Committees.
The whole body of the 12th SP all agreed that it is high time to update its existing rules of procedure in order to achieve maximum efficiency in the flow of legislative measures and to more effectively perform the duties and functions of the Sanggunian under the law.


After the successful joint session with the Sangguniang Barangay of Cogon last Friday, the 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod is now back in its temporary office in the Jorge Lao Building, Dampas to hold its last session in January 2015. During the session, City Vice Mayor Jose Antonio S. Veloso, enjoined everyone to hold a moment of silence in honor of the forty-four 44 PNP SAF killed in the line of duty in observance with the National Day of Mourning as declared by President Aquino and all throughout the session, the Philippine flag was flown at half mast.
The Sanggunian Panlungsod proceeded to tackle their agenda and discussed the committee reports one by one. On top of their priorities is the Proposed Ordinance No. 23-14 which is sponsored by Hon.Adam Jala, which will be further discussed in a special meeting this Tuesday due to its complexity and importance. PO No. 23-14 proposes the Amending of Chapter III (Legislative Development), Articles A (Legislative Management), B (Sanggunian Rules and Procedures) and C (Rules and Procedures in Administrative Investigations), Sections 46 to 104 of the 2007 Revised Code of Administrative Ordinances of the City of Tagbilaran.
Other topics discussed were the Committee reports about the Biblical passages on motorized tricycles, the renewal application for franchise to operate motorized tricycles for hire in the city, the Annual Budget of Bool amounting P 3.7 Million, the Annual Budget of Tiptip amounting P 3.405 Million, giving authority to the City Mayor and the City Legal officer to enter into expropriation proceedings in behalf of the City and lastly giving authority to the City Mayor John Geesnell Yap to enter into a Memorandum of Understading with the United States of America International Development (USAID)