The last regular session for April was conducted last April 27, 2015 instead of the usual Friday session in lieu of the  May 1 Labor Day Celebration. The body agreed to have the session on  April 27 because the  City Councilors would also be attending the Philippine Councilors’League Visayas Island Congress on April 28 -30 @ the Bellevue Resort, Panglao Island, Bohol.

During the session, City Vice Mayor Jose Antonio S. Veloso gave the floor to Hon. Jerry Pabe so that he can deliver his impassioned privilege speech regarding the seemingly exorbitant and unnecessary charges of the Traffic Management Group and for blatantly ignoring the Helmet Ordinance authored by Hon.  Pabe.

In his speech, Pabe shared the plight of an individual driving a motorcycle, apprehended by a Traffic Management Group (TMG) officer because of not wearing helmet.  The said individual reasoned out that the local ordinance allows motorcycle drivers to not wear helmet when plying the City, however the TMG personnel  said that they uphold the national law RA no. 10054 or the Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009 over the Ordinance passed by the 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod. The apprehended individual was asked to pay a penalty of P1,500.00 for the violation. Adding insult to injury, he was also charged with another violation of P1, 000.00 for an unfastened seat belt.

The body unanimously agreed that the unfastened seat belt charged was ridiculous considering that the man was riding a motorcycle and this calls for an inquiry on the unnecessary  violation charged by the Traffic Management Group.  Hon. Nerio Zamora II clarified that the TMG officer may have reason to apprehend the individual because of non-wearing of helmet because the local ordinance only prohibits the wearing of full-faced helmet but it he agrees that it is unacceptable that the man be charged for the unfastened seat belt violation.  Vice Mayor Veloso agreed with the suggestion of the body to invite representatives from the Traffic Management Group and even the Land Transportation Office so that the 12th SP can also hear their side.