In today’s regular session, the 12th Sangguniang Palungsod has invited City Engineer Engr. Pianicita Castolo and Engr. Teodoro Estoque to give updates and shed light regarding the rehabilitation of the City Hall.

Engr. Estoque as Chairman of the Technical Committee for the Rehabilitaion of the City Hall, reported to the august body that as of this moment, the Phase I rehabilitation of the City Hall is already 25% complete.  Target date of completion is four months and is slated that on September 21, it will be completed.  Phase I rehabilitation includes re-roofing, fence enclosure and demolition works. Phase I is funded by the 4M savings by the City.

The Technical Committee has also started planning for Phase 2 of the City Hall Rehabilitation. Phase 2 will be funded by the financial assistance from the national government’s rehabilitation fund.

Phase 2 shall include the exterior demolition (cracked walls), interior demolition,ground floor repair, tile works, ceiling, main entrance,  glass works, revamp plumbing works,  installation of parapet walls, installation of new planning fixtures such as elevators, electrical and lighting fixtures, ramp, exterior and interior railings, fire exit structures, site development plan including the landscaping.

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