City joins 28th International Coastal Cleanup Day



Proclamation 470 declared the third Saturday of September as the International Coastal Cleanup Day. This is the world’s largest volunteer effort to clean-up waterways and the ocean. This year’s cleanup falls on the 21st of September.
The Tagbilaran City government officials and employees actively volunteered to help save our ocean last September 21 by cleaning the coasts of the Manga Fishport. Equipped with the necessary apparel for garbage collection, our volunteers ignored the heat of the sun and actively supported the endeavor to help save the ocean.
Through the collective efforts of our volunteers, numerous trashes had been collected and had been prevented from being washed towards the sea to choke and entangle our fish or endanger the lives of different sea creatures or ruin our sea and depress our local economy.
It is heartening to see that the people are united to achieve this one goal of saving the ocean. It would be truly uplifting if the people continue to have this united front as the City gears towards achieving its objectives and goals.

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