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A special session was conducted today by the 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod to make further investigation of the complaints by the riding public that the P7 minimum fare rate is not followed by the tricycle drivers. It has been recalled that last January 23, 2015, City Vice Mayor Jose Antonio S. Veloso signed Resolution 15-07 which will result to a minimum fare rate of P7.00. The resolution is sponsored by Hon. Jeremias C. Pabe, Chairperson – Committee on Public Utilities in response to the clamor for reduced tricycle fare in lieu of the successive weekly price rollback. However, just recently reports reach the 12th Sangguniang Panlungsod that there are tricycle drivers that refuse to accept the P7-fare of its passengers prompting the 12th SP to conduct an investigation on the matter.
Tricycle associations ICMTODA, GTAODAI, TP-TODA-PORT, HTPTODA AND PM-TODA were present during the special session to answer the queries of the law-making body of the city. It was surmised that there was no proper implementation of the said resolution and that there is not enough information dissemination, leaving most tricycle drivers and even the riding public unaware of the passage of such resolution. It was also found out that tricycle organizations implement the P7 minimum fare rate and make it a point to inform their members. Only those tricycle drivers/operators who are non-members of any organization fail to follow the P7 minimum fare rate.
Hon. Butchie Zamora also pointed out that out of 3,000 tricycle drivers/operators, only 300+ are members of the organization when in fact Ordinance No. C-189 provides that all tricycle drivers/operators should be members of organizations. Hon. Zamora added that tricycle organizations are helpful in the monitoring and disciplining of their members.
SP04 Quinciano Lopena of the City Traffic suggested that prior to the releasing of permits of the tricycle drivers/operators, the City Permits and Licensing Division should check whether said tricycle driver/operator are members of any organization. With regards to the issue of the lack of information, one tricycle operator/driver suggested that a public hearing be conducted in order to let the 3,000 tricycle drivers/operators know about the P7 minimum fare rate. Hon. Gonzaga also suggested that a simple signage indicating the minimum fare of P7 and the resolution number be placed on the windshields of the tricycles-for-hire. All the suggestions were positively taken by the Hon. Pabe, Chair of the Public Utilities Committee and shall be acted upon at the soonest possible time.

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