brgy san isidro assistance


Hon. Diosario M. Balani of Barangay San Isidro received the financial assistance from City Vice Mayor Toto Veloso today. The financial assistance worth twenty-two thousand pesos (P22,000.00) will be used by the Sangguniang Barangay of San Isidro to purchase public address system to be used by the Elementary School Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) of Barangay San Isidro, City of Tagbilaran.
The Elementary School of Barangay San Isidro had long endured the lack of an effective public address system especially during their regular meetings and other important school activities. The lack of said public address system minimizes the effectiveness of their meetings and the numerous school activities. The purchase of the public address system will greatly improve their meetings by allowing a person to address a large crowd without fear of not being heard because the amplifiers and speakers will distribute the sound throughout the venue.
Hon. Diosario M. Balani in behalf of the Barangay San Isidro, expressed his gratitude to Vice Mayor Toto Veloso for readily supporting their cause to purchase the public address system. Vice Mayor Toto Veloso on the other hand, expressed his continued support to help improve the welfare of Barangay San Isidro.



His “TITA” who is the vice mayor of Cebu’s shipbuilding town and Bohol’s very own Vice Mayor Jose Antonio “Toto” Veloso of Tagbilaran City are the new top two heads of the Vice Mayor’s League of the Philippines (VMLP) in Central Visayas.
Vice Mayor Rosario Binghay of Balamban, Cebu and Veloso were elected regional chairman and vice chairman, respectively, of the influential league during its regional assembly at the Quest Hotel in Cebu City on September 30.
Binghay and Veloso differ in political affiliation since she belongs to an opposition party while he is in the ruling Liberal Party (LP).
The vice mayor of Bohol’s capital and only city would have sought the VMLP regional leadership had he not been “prevailed upon” by the Cebu lady vice mayor who “motherly” asked him “favor” to give way to his tita and be her vice chair instead, league sources from Cebu said.
Binghay’s mother happens to be a Veloso.
The “law of relativity” principally applied to Binghay’s favor, Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Regional Director Ananias Villacorta, who facilitated the election, was quoted as teasing the league.
A former mayor now succeeded by her child, Binghay is now the incumbent VMLP-Cebu president after she was earlier defeated in the provincial chapter election by Dumanjug Vice Mayor Efren Guntrano Gica.
Only about one-fifth of Cebu’s over 50 city and town vice mayors voted Binghay against Gica for the provincial chapter presidency, sources said.
This, sources said, could further explain why she had to convince Veloso to settle for regional vice chairman since there must be no other sure way to sway the Bohol votes — and the potential support for Veloso from Negros Oriental, Siquijor and Cebu vice mayors — into her chairmanship bid.
Cebu City Vice Mayor Edgardo Labella is a Boholano of Tubigon roots.
Binghay and Veloso were unopposed, however, in the election that gave three more Bohol vice mayors regional positions — Trinidad’s Francisco Gonzales as press relations officer, and Loon’s Elvi Peter Relampagos and Baclayon’s Jodel Theodore Cabahug as board directors.
Veloso is an elder brother of Gov. Edgar Chatto’s wife, Pureza Veloso-Chatto, who is the vice mayor of Balilihan and also had to join his brother in “granting” the wish of their tita.
Relampagos is an elder brother of First District Rep. Rene Relampagos.
The members of the league from Bohol, Cebu, Negros Oriental and Siquijor expressed their strong support for the new VMLP regional officialdom.
“Our positions are not merely symbolic of the organization in the organization. They are louder voices that ventilate, articulate and crystallize up to the national arena multi-faceted issues that affect the league’s city and municipal LGU members as well as concerns that affect local legislation,” Veloso said.
Unlike the separate leagues of the city mayors and the municipal mayors, the VMLP unifies all city and town vice mayors who are presiding officers of their respective sanggunians.
Veloso is a former president and incumbent adviser of the VMLP in Bohol which is headed by Batuan Vice Mayor Antonino Jumawid.
His Balilihan vice mayor sister is presently the secretary-general of the Bohol chapter of the league.
The rest of the new VMLP regional officers are Ronda, Cebu Vice Mayor Jonnah John Ungab, secretary-general; Lazi, Siquijor Vice Mayor James Monte, treasurer, Catmon, Cebu Vice Mayor Irish Gestopa, auditor, and Danao City, Cebu Vice Mayor Ramon Durano VI, San Juan, Siquijor Vice Mayor Lilian Sumalpong and Zam-boanguita, Negros Oriental Vice Mayor Glenson Alanano, board directors.
The election was assisted and witnessed by national VMLP representatives. (VenreboArigo)

A Day with the City Hall Family…



The ominous clouds that threatened bad weather last October 4, 2013 were driven away by the sunny disposition of the City Hall employees who have donned their beach attires and headed to Dumaluan Beach Resort to celebrate the City Hall Family Day.
This year’s theme was United Tagbilaran: One Bohol, signifying the stance of our city government officials to unite and work for progress in the City and ultimately the progress of the whole Bohol.
The family day started with the invocation from Mr. Valentino Gamutin, followed by the Philippine National Anthem and the Bohol Hymn. The welcome address by our City Vice-Mayor Jose Antonio “Toto” S. Veloso opened the program proper. The welcome address was preceded by an inspirational message from City Mayor John Geesnell “Baba L. Yap.
After the messages, master of ceremonies, City Admin Office Leonides “Edi” Borja and lady of ceremonies, the famous disk jockey Inday Rufing proceeded to introduce the different offices of the City Hall for their songs and yells and then read the criteria for judging songs and yells.
The Songs and Yells prepared by the different offices manifested the competitive spirits of those who joined the Family Day.
The fellowship followed the Songs and Yells. Nothing brings a family closer like a meal does. The sumptuous lunch was like a feast which gathered all the people of the City Hall family to partake and share.
After filling the stomachs, the program continued to fill the senses of the audience with the City Hall Got Talent. The powerful songs and the popular dance moves of the contestants provided entertainment and at the same time amazed the audience. It was really a grand showcase of talents.
The fun did not end there though because a lot of fun games were prepared by the organizers.
The traditional fun games such as Maria Went to Town, the Egg Relay and the Centipede Race which never went out of style were still enjoyed by many.
The exhilarating Amazing Race with its series of obstacles brought everyone to their toes and shouting to the top of their lungs while vying for their teams.
For the sports enthusiasts, beach volleyball was their venue to show their moves and beach bods.
All in all, the City Hall Family day was a huge success. For a single day, the employees forgot about work and just enjoyed each other’s company. There was clearly an atmosphere of fun and merry-making. The Family Day’s theme to Unite Tagbilaran was indeed achieved and hopefully it would continue to instill in each City Hall employee to remain united as we continue with our daily routines.

October Convocation Programme



October festivities would not be complete without the much awaited City Government’s Convocation program. This October’s Convocation program is sponsored by the Office of the City Vice Mayor, the Sangguniang Panlungsod, and the Office of the City Secretary.
The program started by a short but solemn and meaningful prayer led by Mario Lloyd “Dondon” I. Gutierrez. The National Hymn and the Awit sa Bohol was conducted by Ms. Elvie Gutas and followed by the Panunumpa ng Lingkod Bayan by Suzette Magallano.
After the Panunumpa, it was preceded with opening remarks from the Committee Chairman of Public Utilities and Labor, Agriculture and Fishing, Hon. Jeremias Pabe. The solemn portion concluded, our ever-gracious Lady of ceremonies Ms. Fiel Angeli A. Gabin, raised the excitement of the crowd by introducing the different presentation showcasing the talents from the Office of the City Vice Mayor, the Sangguniang Panlungsod and the Office of the City Secretary.
The ladies and gentlemen of the Office of the City Vice mayor led the pack by rendering their 80’s themed dance number which readily enraptured the crowd’s attention. The acoustic number by the LSA personnel proved to be a match for the Voice of the Philippines. The sultry dance number by the beautiful ladies and gentleman of the Sangguniang Panlungsod was enticing enough to make you sway your hips to the beat of the catchy music. The gentlemen of the Sangguniang Panlungsod were not to be outdone, they capped the whole presentation by rendering a timeless song Let it Be Me.
The program culminated with a message of thanks from Hon. Faro Cabalit, expressing his appreciation to the audience and to the people who organized the program and for those who unselfishly shared their talents.
The administration of Mayor Baba Yap and Vice Mayor Toto Veloso’s continued support for the convocation program shows their sincerity in not only providing quality service but also developing the talents of their employee.

VM Toto Veloso Supports Young Leaders



In his unwavering aspiration to support the young leaders of the City of Tagbilaran, Vice Mayor Jose Antonio “Toto” S. Veloso fervently provided financial assistance to the Holy Name University (HNU) representatives to the I Transform! Young Leaders Convention B.E.S.T. Mindanao Wave. Dennis C. DeLeon, representative of the HNU Central Student Government, whole-heartedly acknowledged the support given by Vice Mayor Toto in behalf of all the participants of the Holy Name University.

The Convention is organized by the I Transform! Campaign Consortium that is composed of seven youth organizations, namely; YouthLEAD Philippines (Lead Convenor), Philippine Society of Young Good Citizens, Institute for Youth Development Affairs of the Philippines, World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific, Kabataang Inspirasyon ng Sambayanan, Kabataang Pangarap ni Rizal, and Mindanao Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. The Convention aims to promote transformation leadership and to inspire action among the youth using the framework of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.
The Philippine I Transform! Young Leaders Convention B.E.S.T. Mindanao Wave was widely participated by 420 young leaders and their advisers from 75 organizations across the country. It was held from September 20 to 23 2013 in Davao City, Philippines. The speakers were the following: NEDA 11 Directress Maria Lourdes Lim, Dr. Nestor Pestelos of the European Union DReAMS Project, and Multi-Awarded Film Director Maryo De Los Reyes.

Bohol Running Enthusiasts Shine in 37th Milo Marathon

MILO Marathon

The 8th qualifying leg of the country’s prestigious foot race, 37th Milo marathon drew a huge crowd consisting of 6,153 athletes and running enthusiasts who competed last September 21, 2013 in Tagbilaran City.

Among those who joined the throng of thousands are distinguished faces from the political arena namely our very own City Vice-Mayor Jose Antonio “Toto S. Veloso, City Administrator Leonides “Edi” Borja and former Councilor Atty. Benjamin “Benji” Arcamo. The trio gamely joined the fun by signaling the gun start for the race distances ranging from 3K, 5K, 10K,  and 21K.

The race results revealed that students Emmanuel Comendador and Teodelyn Calabroso outshone their closest 21-K division contenders to take home the P10,000.00 top prize and trophy. Comendador’s impressive record of (1:17:47) made him one of the top contenders in the National Finals. He will lead the other qualifiers for the finale in December to be held in Manila on December 8 this year.

In an interview, Milo Sports Executive Andrew Neri stated that MILO drew new records across all its sports programs this season and that more and more people, especially the youth, are being engaged to take a step toward a fit lifestyle not only through running but also other sports. As Milo approach its 50th year, MILO will continue its mission of leading grassroots sports development and form a stronger Philippine sports community for the next generation of champions.

Through its initiative Milo’s “Help Give  Shoes” program, 500 pairs of shoes were given to beneficiary schools in Tagbilaran City including Tangcasan Elementary School, Kinagbaan Primary School, Lourdes High School, Doljo Elementary School, and Ubujan Elementary School.

VM Answers the Voice of the Youth

Check turn-over youth

The Youth and Ambassador of Goodwill, Josephus Anthony C. Bumaat has been chosen to represent Region 7 as part of the Dugong Dakila to the 40th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP) Philippine Delegation. The SSEAYP is an annual diplomatic and cultural youth exchange program carried out by the Government of Japan with the active participation of the ten ASEAN Member States. As one of the Philippines’ contingent, Josephus is set to undergo a series of seminars, trainings and preparatory activities that would ensure that they are adequately prepared to participate and represent the country in the 52-day journey around Japan and the ASEAN region. Josephus will be trained in diplomatic affairs, youth leadership, personal development and social decorum, culture and arts.
The program will largely be funded by the Government of Japan and in part by the National Youth Commission. However, Josephus will still need to have sufficient funds for the pre-departure activities, cultural presentations, accommodation, tokens for the homestay programs, local transportation and other administrative expenses.
Recognizing the importance of the training as a means to help empower the youth and the growing importance of the youth in developing the City, our City Vice-Mayor Jose Antonio “Toto” Veloso has sponsored P20,000.00 as support for Josephus, the Voice of the Youth in Bohol. Vice-Mayor Toto hopes that through Josephus, the rest of the youth will be encouraged to participate in activities that will not only bring pride to Bohol but also contribute in the development of the City.

City joins 28th International Coastal Cleanup Day



Proclamation 470 declared the third Saturday of September as the International Coastal Cleanup Day. This is the world’s largest volunteer effort to clean-up waterways and the ocean. This year’s cleanup falls on the 21st of September.
The Tagbilaran City government officials and employees actively volunteered to help save our ocean last September 21 by cleaning the coasts of the Manga Fishport. Equipped with the necessary apparel for garbage collection, our volunteers ignored the heat of the sun and actively supported the endeavor to help save the ocean.
Through the collective efforts of our volunteers, numerous trashes had been collected and had been prevented from being washed towards the sea to choke and entangle our fish or endanger the lives of different sea creatures or ruin our sea and depress our local economy.
It is heartening to see that the people are united to achieve this one goal of saving the ocean. It would be truly uplifting if the people continue to have this united front as the City gears towards achieving its objectives and goals.





Tagbilaran City FILCAB Transport Association, Inc (TAFILTRA) officers led by their President Jojo Jimenez along with other TAFILTRA officers took their respective oaths of office in the presence of City Vice Mayor Jose Antonio “Toto” S. Veloso and Chief of Staff Mario Lloyd I. Gutierrez today September 13 at 3:00 pm in the Vice Mayor’s office. Vice Mayor Toto congratulated each officer and expressed his trust and confidence that the officers would carry out their responsibilities with utmost diligence and exercise their powers as leaders of their association for the good of their members.

September 13, 2013 12TH SP SESSION HIGHLIGHTS



The second regular session of the 12th Sanggunian Panlungsod for this month of September was held on a Friday the thirteenth this morning at the Sandugo Session Hall, City Hall Complex.
But despite the gloomy connotation of a Friday the 13th, the session hall was buzzing with the presence of our Sanggunian members were most of them were unable to attend the previous session because of their 5-day seminar at UP Diliman, Quezon City. The session hall was also teeming with various visitors from different sectors such as representatives from the CFI cooperative, media men, third year political science students from Holy Name University and other individuals who have come to observe our Legislative arm of our Local government in action.
In addition to its usual aplomb, the Friday the 13th session had the following highlights:
 Hon. Jerry Pabe shared their experience in taking up the 5-day training Introductory Course on Excellence in Local Legislation (iExceLL).
 The CFI cooperative Tagbilaran Branch Manager Guadalupe Rollan elucidated everyone regarding the services of the CFI such as salary loans, educational loans, productive and provident loans, emergency loans, petty cash loans, health care services and others. CFI also boasts of its share capital, dividends, patronage refund and interest rates
 Media journalists and broadcasters from different local stations and newspapers jotted down notes on relevant issues for the people’s awareness.
 Junior Political Science students from the Name University were keen observers of the session, its rules and procedures.
 Privilege speech delivered by Hon. Adam Jala regarding the rampant Illegal Drugs expressed concern for Bohol being in Category 2 in Illegal drug list.
 First-ever privilege speech of Hon. Oscar Glovasa’s seven year stint voiced out the malicious caller who maligned the names of all members of the 12th Sanggunian by alleging that they accepted envelopes from Hon. Lim to during the ELA.
 Privilege speech from Hon. Alexander Lim emphasizing the need to urge the City’s Commission on Audit to provide previous years’ financial statements.