2013 Approved Resolutions

Resolution No.13-94 Informing the DBP of New Signatories
Resolution No.13-95 Confirming the Appointment of L. Borja as City Administrator
Resolution No.13-96 Authorizing Hon. Mayor to hire contracts of professionals
Resolution No.13-97 Rules of Procedure of 12th SP
Resolution No. 13-98 Calling all Community-Based People’s Organizations and or NGO’s
Resolution No. 13-99 Confirming the Appointment of Atty. Jamila as City Legal Officer
Resolution No. 13-100 Respectfully requesting the City Mayor to convene the City Traffic Management Board (CTMB)
Resolution No. 13-101 Earnestly Requesting the Hon. City Mayor – Offices of the CTO, Accnt, and COA
Resolution No. 13-102 Author the Hon. City Mayor to effect payment of  – Limbaga and Pilongo
Resolution No. 13-103 Annual Budget of Dampas in the amount Php4,052,360.00
Resolution No. 13-104 Authorizing the Hon. Mayor to negotiate for the  Bulk Potable Water Supply for our TCWS
Resolution No. 13-105 Earnestly request Hon. City Mayor to create and commission a ctw committee
Resolution No. 13-106 (50) Renewal of Franchise Motorized Tricycles
Resolution No. 13-107 Requiring the CARED Found. Inc. to submit necessary documents in compliance with the require
Resolution No. 13-108 Ratifying (30) contracts of services
Resolution No. 13-109 (16) Renewal of Franchise Operate Motorized Tricycles
Resolution No. 13-110 COMELEC extension of voters registration
Resolution No. 13-111 Authorizing the Hon. City Mayor to enter into Contracts of Services with Non-Proffessional
Resolution No. 13-112 Ratifying the Contracts for Professional and Non-Professional Services (29) Contractual Employees
Resolution No. 13-113 Interposing no objection to the request of Capitol Valley-installation of Electrical connection
Resolution No. 13-114 Granting accreditation to 11 NGOs, POs, and Business and Professional Groups
Resolution No. 13-115 Authorizing City Mayor to enter into MOU with UB
Resolution No. 13-116 Extending deadline for application for accreditation
Resolution No. 13-117 Annual Budget of Brgy. Tiptip in the amount of Php2,530,000.00
Resolution No. 13-118 Ratifying 13 Contracts for Professional and Non-Professional Services
Resolution No. 13-119 Authorizing the Hon. Mayor to sign for and in behalf of city MOA Early Chilhood Care)
Resolution No. 13-120 Annual Budget 2013 of Brgy. CABAWAN in the amount of 1,420.000.00
Resolution No. 13-121 – Requesting LTO Registrar Mr. Samuel to into the alleged illegalities of Southern Star Bus
Resolution No. 13-122 – Expressing Deep Sorrow Hon. Coun. Gilberto Inting
Resolution No. 13-123 – Reconstitute and Convene  the City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (CADAC)
Resolution No. 13-124 – Granting accreditation to 30 NGO’s, PO’s
Resolution No. 13-125 – Amending Res. 13-96 and 13-111 granting authority Ho. Mayor Prof and Non-Prof.
Resolution No. 13-126 – (7) New applications for franchise motorized tricycle New Sept 20, 2013
Resolution No. 13-127 – Granting accreditation to 12
Resolution No. 13-128 – (50) renewal of franchise to operate motorized tricycles
Resolution No. 13-129 – Condolence to the Family of the late ALFREDO G. EDAÑO
Resolution No. 13-135 – (53) Applications for Renewal of Franchise Motorized tricycles
Resolution No. 13-137 – Adopting CDC Resolution No. 2 – Approving Supple mental AIP in the amount of Php39,611,200.00
Resolution No. 13-138 – Declaring state of calamity
Resolution No. 13-139 – Relamida – Loyalty Pay in the amount of Php5,000.00
Resolution No. 13-140 – Approving Supplemental Budget of Pob III in the amount of Php154,000.00
Resolution No. 13-141 – (18) Applications for renewal of franchise to operate motorized tricycles
Resolution No. 13-142 – Veterans Bank
Resolution No. 13-143 – EARTHQUAKE
Resolution No. 13-144 – NHA Php5,000.00 October 18, 2013 session
Resolution No. 13-145 – (65) Applications for renewal of franchise motorized tricycles
Resolution No. 13-146 – Financial assistance to the family of casualties whose death was cause by the October 15, 2013 earthquake
Resolution No. 13-147 – Congratulating Police Chief Supt. Louie T. Oppus for having brought Honor, prestige, being chosen as 2013 Presidential Lingkod Bayan
Resolution No. 13-148 – Requesting the Mines and Geosciences and DENR Region 7 to conduct detailed survey and map out sink holes
Resolution No. 13-149 – Early release of 13th month pay
Resolution No. 13-150 – DBP signatory newly designated Office of the City Treasurer Mrs. Primitiva J. Ontong vice Atty. Kurt Adolph Bungabong
Resolution No. 13-151 – Barangay Appropriation BOOY Supplemental Budget – Php1,454,761.86
Resolution No. 13-152 – Barangay Appropriation  BOOL Supplemental Budget Php544,866.72
Resolution No. 13-153 – (6) New Applications for Franchise to Operate Motorized Tricycles
Resolution No. 13-154 – (10) Applications for Renewal of Franchise to operate motorized tricycles
Resolution No. 13-155 – Deep Sorrow Msgr. Onesimo Gordoncillo
Resolution No. 13-156 – (7) applications for Renewal of Franchise
Resolution No. 13-157 – Granting Tax Exemption from the payment of amusement tax to the MVT Eagles.Concert for a Cause
Resolution No. 13-158 – (12) New Applications for Franchise
Resolution No. 13-159 – Mary Leine Shaene – tribute and recognition
Resolution No. 13-160 – Faro Cabalit – tribute and recognition
Resolution No. 13-161 – RES. ADDITIONAL BENEFITS
Resolution No. 13-162 – suspending the authority
Resolution No. 13-163 – Recognizing the assumption of Edgar Bompat
Resolution No. 13-164 – Supplemental Budget of San Isidro
Resolution No. 13-165 – Supplemental Budget of Cogon 2013
Resolution No. 13-166 – Supplemental Budget of Booy
Resolution No. 13-167 – supplemental budget of Manga
Resolution No. 13-168 – Supplemental Busdget of tiptip
Resolution No. 13-169 – Supplemental Budget of Taloto
Resolution No. 13-170 – Supplemental Budget of Dao
Resolution No. 13-171 – Supplemental Budget of Poblacion II
Resolution No. 13-172 – Supplemental budget of Dampas 2013
Resolution No. 13-173 – (7) Renewal of Franchise to Operate Motorized Tricycle
Resolution No. 13-174 – (41) New Applications of Franchise to Operate Motorized Tricycle
Resolution No. 13-175 – MOA DepEd