October 4, 2019


The 14th Sangguniang Panlungsod of the City of Tagbilaran led by Vice Mayor Jose Antonio S. Veloso approves the Tagbilaran City Police Station’s Local Anti-Criminality Action Plan during their first Regular Session for the Month of October. In the proposed Resolution, sponsored by the Chairman of the Committee on Peace, Public Order and Safety, Hon. Eliezer L. Borja, it emphasizes that the Local Anti-Criminality Action Plan is aimed to strengthen the government’s campaign on anti- criminality, internal security and anti-terrorism in order to preempt and prevent their nefarious activities. This campaign which was initially submitted by Tagbilaran City Police Chief Christopher L. Navida during the City Peace and Order Council meeting, also aims to conduct an exhaustive intelligence and information gathering and monitoring, particularly on threats on internal security and terrorism down to the barangay level. The City PNP outlines several strategies in coordination with the Tagbilaran City LGU for the successful implementation of this plan. As part of their campaign, the City PNP seeks the support of the 14th Sangguniang Panlungsod to create the following legislative measures to strengthen their drive against various crimes in the city. • Amendments on some sections of the City Traffic Code providing administrative provision on admin fines to offenders willing to pay immediately the fines and allocation of revenue shares to the apprehending officers to boost morale of PNP personnel. • Ordinance requiring the removal of Helmet and Headgear/Hats/Caps when entering business establishments and commercial places. • Ordinance requiring all business establishment to provide at least two (2) security cameras (one security camera inside their establishment and one security camera outside) to aid the police on investigation during the occurrence of Crime and Crime Prevention. • Resolution establishing Police Assistance Centers (Dangpanan) to strategic focus. • Resolution granting Tagbilaran City Police Station to acquire additional two (2) mobile Patrol cars, Kevlar Helmet and Vest, additional Handheld Communication Radios. • Resolution for the creation of Police Auxiliary Force in addition to force multiplierand selection of BIN’s which will be funded by LGU. • Resolution requesting the LGU to provide funding in the operation against illegal Drugs. • Resolution requesting the LGU to provide rehabilitation on all drug surrenders or provide activities to convert their illegal activities to more helpful and concern citizenship. • The LGU under the City Anti Drug Abuse council will support financially in the peace and order innovation and served as best practice dubbed as “Manyanita ko Pagbabago mo”

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