February 10, 2021


The City of Tagbilaran has been receiving numerous complaints regarding the deafening noise emitted from motor vehicles using defective or modified mufflers and sound boosters or devices, thus increasing the noise outputs of their engines. These have created irritating and disturbing noise levels that could affect the quality of life of the people which may even lead to permanent hearing loss, and in worst cases, even serious health problems as loud noise and low frequencies can fracture body parts and organs. It can even be fatal in some instances. Hence, the Fourteenth Sangguniang Panlungsod, led by Hon. Vice Mayor Jose Antonio S. Veloso, has taken action to increase the penalties imposed on the violators of said ordinance. The owners and drivers of motor vehicles having a 200 cubic centimeter engine displacement and below, without any muffler or with defective or modified mufflers, causing undesirable and irritating sounds that exceeds 85 decibels shall be penalized with a fine of 3,000 pesos or imprisonment for a period of 30 days, or both upon the discretion of the court. However, in case the offender admits his guilt of the offense, he may be allowed to pay a compromise penalty of 1,000 pesos for the first offense, and 2,000 pesos for the second offense. There is no compromise penalty for the third offense and beyond. Furthermore, these above-mentioned motorcycles shall be held for safekeeping in an area to be designated by the City PNP and the CTMO, and shall only be released upon payment of the penalty, and the replacement of the exhaust system of the motor vehicle to the prescribed proper muffler which is compliant with pertinent laws, rules and regulations. Noisy exhaust pipes can only be replaced within the impounding area. The original penalty was only 200 pesos. The Proposed Ordinance is sponsored by Hon. Eliezer L. Borja, Chairman of the Committee on Peace, Public Order and Safety.

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