May 25, 2021


The Tagbilaran City Council led by their presiding officer Jose Antonio S. Veloso, approved a resolution requesting the Department of Health to include the City of Tagbilaran in their priority list for local government units to be apportioned with the donated vaccines. The resolution which is sponsored by Hon. Agustinus Gonzaga and seconded en masse was brought about after Hon. Adam Jala vehemently expressed his dismay at the measly number of vaccines donated to the city.Mr. Rey Delos Santos, a representative of the City Health, joined the 14th Sangguniang Panlungsod regular session today and shared that to date, the City has received 240 vials of Sinovac Vaccine and 114 vials of Aztrazeneca Vaccine last March, and 80 additional vials of Aztrazeneca Vaccine this month. Each vial of Sinovac vaccine is good for 1 dose only and 1 vial of Aztrazeneca vaccine is good for 10 doses. To sum it up, the City will be able to vaccinate around 2180 individuals only out of the 100,000+ estimated population. Hon. Jala was fixated on how the DOH actually apportions these vaccines to the different LGUS. Was there a standard being used and how come that Tagbilaran City gets only a handful of the millions of vaccines donated by other countries. He expressed that there is a seemingly lack of planning on the part of the DOH in the distribution of the vaccines, considering that we hear in mainstream news that some vaccines are nearing expiration already. Hon. Eliezer Borja explained that we cannot just demand the DOH to give a certain number of vaccines since these vaccines were just donations and due to the number of LGUs in the country. To resolve the issue, Hon. Gonzaga proposed that instead of demanding a number of vaccines, the city council will have to send a resolution requesting the DOH that the city should be included in the priority LGUS. This proposal received the nods of the city council and Hon. Nerio Zamora II added that Tagbilaran City is the business capital of Bohol and among the component cities in Region VII, it has the highest number of Covid cases. The council has noticed that the most number of vaccines were being given to the cities in the National Capital Region and other cities with a high number of Covid cases. Tagbilaran had a rise in positive cases since mid-April and with the flu season coming near, it is expected that more cases will still be recorded.City Vice Mayor Toto Veloso shared the sentiments of the City Councilors and emphasized that taking a more proactive stance on this matter will provide the city a better chance of having more Covid vaccines for the benefit of the Tagbilaranons.

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