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The City Council has approved Resolution No. 24-66 which allowed increase in fare rates for modern and traditional motorized tricycles plying the route from Tagbilaran National High School in Barangay Cabawan to City Square and vice versa.

The Tagbilaran City Tricycle Operators Drivers Association (TODA) had requested Hon. Mayor Jane Yap that they be allowed to collect thirty-five pesos (P35.00) base tricycle fare for passengers plying Tagbilaran City Square to the newly-installed Tagbilaran National High School in Barangay Cabawan and vice versa.

Hon. Jonas R. Cacho, chairperson of the Committee on Energy, Public Utilities, Franchises and Transportation took on the task of investigating whether the request to increase fare rate is reasonable and will allow operators to have an equitable return of profit and still be affordable to the general public.

Last 2022, in consideration for the plight of drivers and operators who are directly affected by the increasing fuel prices, the city council granted a provisional fare increase of P5.00 on the existing minimum fare rate of ten pesos (P10.00) for general commuters and eight pesos (P8.00) for students, senior citizens and PWDs for the first kilometer with additional P2.00 for every succeeding kilometer or fraction thereof.

The grant of the provisional fare rate of P35.00 for regular passengers and P30.00 for students, senior citizens and PWDs is consistent with the above provision considering that the distance between City Square and Tagbilaran National High school in Tagbilaran National High School in Cabawan is almost 10 kilometers.

Resolution No. 24-66, series of 2024 is sponsored by Hon. Jonas R. Cacho.

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